Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Claire's chair

For the past few weeks Claire has really been enjoying the play room. We let her go in there and watch the girls play, but we have to check on her every 2-3 minutes to extract the Barbie accessory she always manages to insert into her mouth. It's really cute to hear her laughing with the girls. But this week she discovered the pink chair. She climbs into it all by herself and we often find her there with one of her favorite age-INappropriate toys. Sorry Fisher-Price, she's just not interested.


And I've had a few people ask- yes, she has blonde hair and blue eyes! Such a surprise to us, since our first two were so dark. When people ask where she got her fair coloring, Bobby loves to tell them: "I'm not the father. Thanks a lot for bringing it up." It is so funny. I'm not even embarrassed anymore. The man can say whatever he wants. It's something about him that I both admire and envy.
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