Friday, November 12, 2010

These are not the droids you're looking for.

We were watching Star Wars together a lot as a family together a while back. At first Sophie wasn't really into it. One time she got really upset when one of the characters she liked died, and she ran up the stairs, crying, "I don't like Star Wars. I like DORA!" She's come around. Franny had "show and tell" a month ago at school and brought her Darth Vader figurine. She asked me if she could be Darth Vader for Halloween and I said no. Franny decided she wanted to be Princess Leia for Halloween. Then Sophie decided she wanted to be the same thing. We sort of made the suggestion that she be Queen Amidala and she loved the idea of dressing up as Franny's Star Wars mom. So I guess all this is to say that we are now officially Star Wars nerds.

The girls were really excited about their costumes. It was a different story when I was applying Sophie's face makeup, though. She was crying, "I change my mind! I change my mind." She didn't like the way it felt on her skin, I guess. But I think it totally made the costume! So I sort of insisted. We were hoping Franny might want to use her costume next year, but then I washed and dried a load of whites with a black crayon and destroyed it (along with many other articles of white clothing. Super lame.)

We had a fun Halloween weekend, despite Bobby having a busy call weekend. We kind of lucked out because even though he worked a lot, he was still able to join us for most of our Halloween activities. We hit the SAA trunk-or-treat Saturday morning, then we stopped at Hyvee for some trick-or-treating and then on the way to the church Halloween party we stopped and trick-or-treated at our neighbor's dad's house. He likes to give the kids he knows giant candy bars. He gave my girls the biggest candy bars I have ever seen in my life! The girls were so excited.

It was a nice change to not be running around all day on Halloween, since usually it's a two-day affair for us. On Sunday we had our traditional chili dinner and the girls actually passed out candy to a few trick-or-treaters, which I think they kind of liked. Then we all curled up and watched Harry Potter. It was a great Halloween.


Sarah said...

I love that your whole family are Star Wars nerds! Matt didn't really watch it growing up so I'm still trying to convert him, can you believe it?
Don't tell me you made that Q. Amidala hat, cuz I might have to kill you. The girls look great!

Jessica said...

too bad we're not closer, RJ was an ewok and could have joined your crew. I was going to be "middle aged Luke Skywalker" with my boy hair and gut, but just didn't get it together.

Natalie said...

I LOVE THE COSTUMES!!! I think they are the best I saw all year! Seriously!

molly said...

i wouldn't call us star wars fans nerds per say (with my pocket protector and and tape on my glasses.) jk all the way. we totally are. :)

Morgan said...

LOVED the costumes!
I wish I would have known about trick or treating at the stores..pfff..lame
AND i am so sad that her costume was amongst the destroyed white clothes! I hate that! so sorry!
Also, I love star wars nerds. =)

Julia Holmes said...

They are sooo cute! Those costumes are awesome! I didn't know Franny wanted to be Darth Vader haha. I love them so much. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween!!!

rebecca said...

Those costumes are the best! What cute little Star Wars girls:) I've never seen a Queen Amidala costume! We were Star Wars for the last 3 years and I finally convinced the boys to try something different:)

Kelly Evanson said...

very cute!! our boys love star wars and our whole family dressed up as star wars this year too!! i didn't know girls were into star wars too. that is awesome!!

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