Sunday, July 17, 2011

Elizabeth's wedding

We were invited to a friend's wedding yesterday. I can't remember the last time I was able to attend a wedding for someone not in my immediate family. It was fun and I think the girls really enjoyed getting to watch a wedding. It was for our friend Liz, who was one of the first of Franny's implementers when Franny first started therapy back in 2006. We felt so honored to be invited and it felt so wonderful to be a small part of her special day. Franny got to sit and the very end of the pew and watch all the bridesmaids and finally the bride walk in. Liz was an absolutely gorgeous bride.She tried to get every one single member of the wedding processional to wave at her until I finally told her to cut it out.

Here is Franny giving Liz a little hug.
We were going to head over to the reception to eat dinner, but we decided since we didn't have Claire with us (she was home with a sitter), it might be fun to go out to eat without having to entertain a rowdy baby. So we all went out to eat together at Colton's before heading to the reception.

We do love that baby Claire, but it sure was nice to have a family outing that didn't involve one of us chasing a busy toddler. I mean, does this look like the kind of baby who could sit still during a quiet wedding ceremony?


mostly morgan. occasionally jeremy said...

glad it went well!
and bring that busy toddler over here anytime! ah!
and you look pretty. so do the girls. and what the does bobby. =)

Sheryl said...

so fun...Julia was telling me how smart and adorable Claire is!! Gorgeous family that you are!!

Ashley said...

Oh my word, that last picture made me laugh so hard. Can't wait to see that little mug!

Mom/Louise/Nona said...

I think you caught the "essence of Claire" in that cute picture. Her eyes give her away!

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