Friday, August 1, 2008


When we moved into the new house we thought it might be a good time to switch Sophie's bed to the toddler position. I worried for a moment that this would complicate the usual peace and quiet we enjoy at bedtime- that sigh of relief when my motherly duties are done each day and taking a second to sit down and have my nearly nightly ritual of eating a treat of some kind once the kiddos are in bed. It was a bit earlier than I would have done it, but since the crib had to be taken apart anyway we figured we'd make it easier on ourselves and just make the change then. Well, we didn't notice any changes the first week or two, but after that Sophie and Franny would just start walking out of the room. One time after we had put the kids to bed, Bobby and I were playing games with some friends and we heard the door open. Sophie just started walking down the hall towards the playroom without so much as a glance in our direction. Her independence cracks me up and quite frankly impresses me. I was such a shy kid and I always waited to be told how and when to do things. Then Sophie started involving Franny in her little night brigades. We'd be downstairs watching TV, thinking our kids were sleeping, and then our two little hoodlums would appear out of nowhere and sneaking down the stairs. Franny NEVER did that when Sophie was in a crib. But now Sophie's kicking it up a notch. The other night I found a container of wipes completely emptied and a week's supply of wipes dried out and utterly useless all around it, as well as a ball of silly putty spread out and worked deep into the carpet fibers. She won't stay in her bed anymore either.

This picture was taken Sunday night. We had a storm and the power went out while Bobby and I were watching TV. We thought we'd check on the girls so we went upstairs with flashlights and we found that Sophie had crawled into Franny's bed. It was so cute.

Then Wednesday I put Sophie down for a nap and went downstairs to sew. We still have the fans going because we're trying to air out those walls (thanks to the holes I made in the drywall with the power drill thank you very much.) I couldn't hear Sophie so after about an hour I thought I'd better go check on her and make sure she was sleeping. When she wasn't in her bed I walked over to where Franny's bed is and found her curled in a ball in the small space between the bed and the window. What a weirdo.

Then yesterday I thought I'd stay in the next room after I put her down for a nap. Just for a few minutes to be sure she was asleep before I started my sewing. After 20 minutes of quiet, I was satisfied that she was asleep because of the dead silence, grabbed some toast and headed downstairs. On my way down I thought to myself, why not just check on her...

She was asleep alright, only not in her crib, but on the floor. Underneath her crib. With a stinky diaper. I felt so bad about the stinky diaper, I pulled her out by the foot and changed it without thinking to take a picture. She was so tired, she slept through the whole diaper change and went right back to sleep when I laid her in the crib.

Last night Bobby checked on the girls and called me in. Here's what we found:

That can't be comfortable.


Sheryl said...

I know you are only related by marriage, but this is what my boys have done all their lives! We have a hard time figuring out what is so alluring to take them out of a snuggly bed onto the hard floor with no covers or pillows! So crazy. Your girls are so adorable in the pictures with the flowers all around!

Jane said...

That is so cute, my favorite is when she headed to the playroom without even glancing at you, that makes ma laugh. That is a frustrating thing, I hope my babies will not learn to climb out of their crib until they are three. I plan on keeping them in there as long as possible.

Erin said...

Benjamin totally went through this stage too! Jed and I were laughing that sleeping in a bed was a new concept around here. She is totally bringing back those memories!

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