Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marriott Courtyard in Provo, this is Katherine, how may I help you?

Let me start by saying that this title has VERY LITTLE to do with my post. When I can't think of a title, I skim through my post to find any little snippet that might make a funny title. I have a weird sense of humor.

I find myself wanting to write tonight. About what? About nothing, it seems. I'm in Idaho visiting my mother-in-law so I have no pictures or videos or menus to post. But I just feel like writing. I can't make any promises about this post. I can't promise it will interesting or worth reading or that it will even be published. I mean, what if I really can't come up with ANYTHING?

It's good to be here. I love my mother-in-law. She's so amazing. Her house is beautiful. She has a serious talent for home decorating. It's so comfortable and charming. I feel like I'm staying in a really cool bed and breakfast. (I add the "really cool" only because I've never really stayed in a B&B so I'm not sure if your average B&B is kind of lame?) She's helping me with my quilt and showing me some cool sewing techniques and we get lots of time to talk and laugh and she loves my kids. So does her husband. It's worth the two-day drive to get out here just to see my girls doted on by grandparents. Ooh! And she took me to a fabric store in Pocatello and they had a Turning Twenty quilt made out of Anna Maria Horner fabric! It was awesome. It was cool to be in a store that had more than just 2 or 3 prints that I was excited about. Bolt after bolt of gorgeous fabric, many of which I've never seen or heard of before. Bobby is here for a rotation in nephrology. He's had one busy summer and today he got the day off! I asked him today if this was the first day off he's had all summer and he said yes that he thought it was! It felt like we got an extra Saturday. We went to Idaho Falls and shopped all day. I often complain about living in a small town without many shopping options, and it's frustrating that when we do visit family in California or Utah/Idaho, we always want to spend at least a day of it just shopping. But today I asked Bobby if he thought we would enjoy shopping as much as we do if we could do it whenever we wanted. He said probably not. How's that for a silver lining? The girls and I got sick a few days after we arrived, and then we infected my poor MIL. I feel terrible for getting her sick, but we're all feeling a lot better, so hopefully it will be short-lived for her as well.

I love the weather here in the summer time. It's sunny, breezy, and cool and just... comfortable. And on Monday we go to Utah. I never thought I'd miss Utah as much as I do. I do miss it, though. It's sad. I used to drive the shuttle van occasionally when I worked at the Provo Marriott Courtyard and the passengers would always feel pressure to make small talk and the subject of the mountains would come up. "The mountains are so beautiful! Don't you just LOVE to look at them? You are so lucky that they are right in your backyard!" My response after having my Bobby daydream interrupted (Bobby was on his mission at the time): "Hmm? Oh yeah, uh-huh, it's awesome." But really thinking, whatever, you think this is cool? you should check out Southern CA beaches. But guess what? I miss the mountains. And last week when Heidi was in town and gushing over the thickly wooded areas and the green rolling hills, I tried really hard to remind myself to enjoy the Missouri scenery, because the time may come when I actually miss the humidity and rain and constantly living in fear of a heavy rainfall resulting in a flooded basement. And all the lush green is gorgeous. Oh and by the way, I'll just add that more than one passenger complained about my driving thanks to all the Bobby daydreaming reveries. Which I always thought was kind of weird- sure I veered off into the shoulder a couple of times on the way up to Sundance, but nobody was hurt or inconvenienced in any way whatsoever.

I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family in Utah. A little stressed and worried that I'm not going to make it to everyone and not sure how that will work out, but still- EXCITED!! My Dad is bringing my sister up on Wednesday. She's moving out of the house. My little Maggie is growing up! I'm happy that I'll be around to help with that transition and spend some time with them. I keep wondering what my Mom would want me to do for her. It forces me to reflect back on my own experience leaving home. We mailed my stuff and flew up to SLC. Linford, one of my Mom's best friends, drove us up to Rexburg. Every time I left home (getting married, study abroad in Vienna, leaving for college, girls camp, 6th grade camp), she totally broke the bank just getting me prepared. It was crazy. She always said it was just as much for her as it was for me. Because she would feel better knowing I had brand new towels and a dust ruffle on my twin bed stacked on cinder blocks for extra storage space. I remember before I left for Vienna, we were shopping at the GAP and she picked out this coral colored cardigan and shell. It was hideous. I hated it, but she loved it. I told her I didn't want it. She bought it anyway and hid it inside my coat inside my luggage with a note that basically said, "HA HA HA!!" She didn't think I was bringing enough clothes. I really love that story. Anyway, back to the leaving home story- MaryAnne Linford waited outside my apartment after we finished moving all my crap in and stocking my refrigerator. Mom and I sat on my bed and cried and cried. I didn't want her to go! But she did, she had to. It was time. My sweet roommates Taryn and Kelly came in to comfort me and five minutes later my Mom walked back in. She'd forgotten her purse! I was like, "are you kidding me?!" We laughed and laughed and had to do the whole thing all over again.

So what does my mom want me to do for Maggie? I don't really know, but one thing I've learned is that I don't need the people who are closest to me to try and fill in for my mother. I just need them to be what they are. I need my Dad to be my Dad, and Bobby to be my husband, and my sisters to be my sisters. I'm guessing that's how it is for Maggie, too. So I'll just be her big sister Katherine. Bigger? Older? No matter how I say that it just doesn't sound cool. :) Sigh.

A teaser- I made some cinnamon rolls right before I left and I can't stop thinking about them! I want more. They turned out great. I'm thinking about doing a master class with lots of pictures and directions when I get back home. So watch for it.


Holly Moore said...

Katherine, what a great blog. Sometimes it's nice to just write a blog just to write. I was very envious about the fabric store, I have the hardest time finding stuff out here. Everything is Jo-Ann's generic. Yuck! Also, please please please do a master class on cinnamon rolls. I can cook just about anything that I have a recipe for and I have been finally getting the bread thing down (the one thing that alludes me) but cinnamon rolls have never been a strong point. Depressing because my mom made awesome ones before we all got fat and she had to cut back the baking. (= Please do that blog, I would LOVE it!

Jodie said...

I do find that even though I have so many stores available now, I really just want a Super Wal-Mart- crazy huh!! It is nice to have the option there but I just think that you can't be the prices at Wal-Mart and I am getting cheaper everyday!!
As for your sister- I think you are right. Just be her sister with a little mom thrown in. I often find myself being more "mom like" to my sister than sister like and I think that sometimes she needs a sister. Someone who can understand her fears and anxieties because I have been through them too most recently. I know that whatever you do for her, she will be happy because you are a part of it. Just go with you gut and you can't do wrong!!

jayne said...

I'm so glad you posted---I'm lonely out here! Nothing is happening really. Just waiting for this baby. It rained last night, so I'm going to check your house. It didn't rain a lot, so I'm guessing you are okay. I've got your back, so no worries.

Julia said...

I thought we answered the phone...Provo Courtyard Marriott, this is may I help you?

good times.

miss your face.

Brendon and Stephanie said...

We usually have a hard time reading a blog without pictures, but yours is irresistible. Let us know when you make some more of those cinnamon rolls, they were SOOOO good. :)

Amberlee said...

I was wondering where you guys were! I am so glad that you are with family and enjoying yourself. I have the cutest pattern for another apron I wanted to show you-in case you're interested! Looking forward to seeing you! Good luck with the rest of your trip!

Sara said...

i was just coming to say "i miss you" and lo and behold, you'd posted from idaho -- yay!

I wasn't sure I'd hear from you (blogwise) while you were there. I love this post and how random and candid and cute you are! :)

I noticed amberlee's comment above ... we should all get together and sew sometime. i know she makes really cute stuff, too.

I looooooooooooooooved the cinnamon rolls and am dying for more, too. I would love to learn how to make them (I'm a home ec major who really sucks at cooking).

Can't wait for you to get back ... but enjoy your time there ... i'm jealous of all the shopping and seeing-of-family you're doing. eat some cafe rio for me. and a snow cone. you know, from one of the little stands along the side of the road. :)

CALL ME if you go fabric shopping again!!

Shana said...

Katherine, if you have time, you absolutely have to visit Gardner Village and go to the quilt shop they have there. Trust me, you would LOVE it. Troy's afraid to let me go there, it's that good.

Jane said...

Actually Julia, it was "THANK YOU For calling the Marriot Courtyard in Provo, this is Jane, how may I help you?" Thans for sharing this post with us and thanks for the totally unrelated title.

Suzy Fackrell said...

You are an amazing writer. I loved reading your post. It brought back lots of memories for me when my Mom took me to College. It is such a hard time in life. Moving on with your life...Having to grow up....Being responsible for everything's scary and fun all wrapped up into one big fat ball of emotions! I love that you are going to be there for Maggie. She is so excited and ready to get out on her own. She is going to do well. You have a lot of wisdom, so you'll do great to help her on her way! Good luck!

Kristen said...

love to read about your sweet memories with your unforgettable mom.

sara said...

That was such a nice post. I love going to Utah even though I've never lived there. My husbands family does so it feels like home when we go. I'm glad you're enjoying your day and your shopping adventures and meeting up with friends.

Carole said...

Hi, Katherine,

I have been on a "Merry-go-round" since you were here, and I feel terrible that I haven't written to tell you how great it was to have you here with us for a few days of your vacation. I loved visiting with you, learning from you, and seeing darling Frani and Sophie. It was so fun to get acquainted with them again. I am so impressed with the progress Frani has made, and Sophie...she is just so cute and bubbly. We loved them!

I hope it wasn't too hectic around here for you. Dori and Ken are moving into their house on Sat. of this week. I am sure they will be glad to get back to normal. We loved having them. Give the girls a hug. Love you, Grandma

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