Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some of my favorite family stories of late

This is a small collection of recent conversations, memories, observations that I don't want to forget. I feel like I'm forgetting a lot of things I really want to remember, so hopefully posts like this every now and again will help. Sorry there are no pictures. I'm especially sorry there are no pictures to go along with the Pretty, Pretty Princess story. Believe me, I asked.

"Look at the moon, Franny. Isn't it pretty tonight?"
"Yes. Can I hold it?"
"No, honey. We can't hold it. It's too big."
"Is the moon hot or cold."
"It's cold."
"Yes Mommy. You are right."
After school I picked Franny up and as we were walking out, I said, "Do you wanna say goodbye to James?"
"Bye James"
We start walking through the door and Franny says, "Wait a minute. I forgot something." She turns around, walks up to James, and gives him a kiss right on the mouth.
We were singing the closing hymn at the end of sacrament meeting the other day and Sophie did something I thought was really funny. The hymn was "How Great Thou Art." Sophie all of the sudden really loud says, "Elephant, !@#$% (that stands for an elephant like sound, not an expletive). WOLF, WOLF!!! Cock-a-doodle do!" I started to smile and looked around and was reminded me by the faces surrounding me that this was a reverent time. I scooped Sophie up in my arms and headed for the door.

We stopped at Walmart after we picked Franny up at school so that we could choose Valentines for her to give to her friends. We were making our way to the self check-out and passed what I think was a very ugly man with a woman's hairstyle. I'm still not really sure what this person's gender was. Five minutes later, as I fasten Franny's seatbelt, she says, "She looks like a man." I couldn't stop laughing.
Sophie goes full-boar into everything. She's constantly running into things because she just goes too fast. It cracks me up. She's actually really coordinated. She's a great climber. I just think she needs to slow down a bit.
The girls and I convinced Bobby to come play Franny's favorite boardgame: "Pretty, Pretty Princess." After about ten minutes of playing, Bobby and Sophie were the only ones even close to accumulating all the necessary accoutrements for winning the game and the title of Pretty, Pretty Princess. We asked Sophie to spin the wheel and she made a very weak effort. I said, "Oh you got a two!" right as Bobby said, "Spin again." After spinning again, she got a 3. I realized that if she used her original spin then she would win the game and then we would be done! I mentioned this to Bobby thinking he was ready to wrap it up, too. He surprised me though when he said, "Let's just keep going, I've almost got this." And that is the story of how Bobby got to be the Pretty, Pretty Princess.
Whatever I'm doing during the day: eating, getting ready, cooking, working at the computer.... Sophie will come up to me and say in her sweet little Sophie voice, "What are you making, Mommy? What are you making?"
Franny looked at the Spidergirl pinata I made her and said, "Where's Spidergirl's husband?" I said, "Mommy doesn't have time to make a pinata for Spidergirl's husband." She paused and then said, "For my husband, I pick.... (and then a meaningful pause as if she's getting ready to reveal the winner) MOMMY!"
Franny has been asking us to show her our "disgusting" face. She wants us to scrunch of our face like we smell something horrible and say, "Ew, that's disgusting." At first, she wasn't sure quite how to phrase that question. One day she was hanging out with Bobby and said, "Daddy, your face is disgusting!"
This one is really old, but after Franny had toilet-training down, she followed Bobby into the bathroom. After a moment she said to him,
"boys go like this" and she thrusts out her pelvis, "girls go like this" and she bent her knees and pretended to sit down. I have one more bathroom-related one, but I think I'll get in trouble if I include it... I think I may already be in trouble for the Pretty, Pretty Princess one!


Kelly said...

I would have loved to see Bobby as the Pretty Pretty Princess. That's hilarious. Too bad you got funny looks in church. I would have laughed at Sophie!

Melody said...

I love reading your blog because I always laugh out loud. Pretty Pretty princess, full-boar, Elephant X!@#$@ I love how you find the humor in things. I'm still telling people the story of how Bobby mooned his mom's visiting teaching companion. Good one. ;)
I'm sad you felt you had to edit your last story. I'm dying of anticipation..
Tonight Eirik scrubbed his bumhole with his toothbrush. I thought I would die. Is that something I should try to keep myself from blogging about??

Jaimee said...

Hi Katherine. I'm Jaimee Rose, a reporter for The Arizona Republic. I loved your cinnamon roll post, and linked to it today on my blog on the newspaper's website. You can see it here. They look wicked, in a really lovely way.

Katherine said...

Hey jaimee! Thanks for posting that link. I'm getting a lot of traffic coming from you site and I love it! :) I love your blog, too. Do those macarons taste as amazing as they look?

Pattie said...

it was so good to chat with you today at the store i had forgotten
how fun it was to chat with you..thanks for saying hi and yes i am going to make those delicious rolls in the next couple of days...and remember i check your blog all the time..keep the yummy food coming...

theflanfam said...

Fabulous stories! Those are ones you just don't want to forget!

Thanks again for sharing with me. You are amazing!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

HAHAHA....I am laughing out loud! I haven't checked blogs in a long time. It is fun to catch up with you and your cute family. Happy Birthday to Franny! The things they say and do...oh man. We play Pretty Pretty Princess too.....go Bobby. I am sure he plays something fierce. If he doesn't win, does he do his "disgusting" face?! So funny. Your girls are a riot! They will LOVE these later! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for the smiles and laughs every time I check your blog. I will have to more often!

Elsie said...

hahahaha I love the "she looks like a man" quote....hahah thats so great.

Erin said...

Oh boy. YOu totally had me cracking up with these stories! I especially loved how Franny said, "For my husband, I pick.... MOMMY!" so funny! Benjamin just LOVES it when we make "ew! gross!" faces. He has always got such a kick out of that. He wants us to do it again and again and again.... :) I can totally relate with a bunch of these funny things the girls do. They are so cute!

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