Monday, October 19, 2009

This is how we do it in the midwest.

Well, it's not how I do it.

You wouldn't see a kids' carnival game like this where I grew up.


I guess they like to start 'em young around here.



The last Unicorn said...

Sophie looks so big!!!

Natalie said...


Julia Holmes said...

That is hilarious!!!

Jane said...

SO funny!

Annie Nielson said...

OK, I went to Magleby's tonight in Utah and had their Warm Buttermilk Pie. It was FABULOUS! SO, I came straight home and googled "buttermilk pie" to try and find a recipe and I found your blog. Unfortunately, you only posted about the delicious stuff and didn't post a recipe.

I am a baked good addict--I need baked goods like I need air :) You have to share that recipe--I would be forever grateful. If you won't share the recipe, can you point me in the direction to a recipe that would be similar?? Please oh please :)

P.S. my email is if you want to email me the recipe, haha. I swear I would never share it either :)

Ashley said...

I'm surprised it isn't an actual carcass.

Katherine said...

Oh ashley, you're so funny!

Erin said...

haha! Love it!

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