Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Sleepover

Last night we tried camping out by the Christmas tree for a slumber party and watching "Home Alone" for the second year in a row. It was the end of a really fun family day. Bobby took the kids shopping to pick out presents for me and each other, we ate lunch at McDonald's (which Bobby and I both consider a huge sacrifice we make for our children about five times a year), and... hmmm, I can't remember what else. I do remember we took turns hanging out the window and screaming at the top of our lungs, "Merry Christmas" at noone and everyone. I found a bag of english muffins that morning mistakenly placed in the wrapping paper box the night before and realized that I had left our Sant Family address list at the post office. We had a good laugh about that. And the giant cup of caramel apple cider that Bobby accidentally knocked over when he was getting Sophie out of the car at McDonald's about three minutes after he bought it. That was pretty funny, too. The kids were really excited about setting up the bed downstairs, watching a movie, and sleeping by the tree. It was cute to see how much they were looking forward to it. This is the first year Franny has really seemed to notice our family's traditions; it's also the first year she seems to remember what we did the year before. I love it! We got a lot of questions like, "Is it nighttime yet?" "When are we going to have dinner?" And confirmations of plans already made: "Mom, you and Dad are going to sleep on the couch?" Me: "Mmmhmm." Franny: "Can you say 'yes'?" I don't understand why "sure", "you bet", "yup", and "mmmhmmm" do not satisfy here as acceptable affirmative answers. It cracks me up.

Last year Bobby's brother Wes and his family joined us for Christmas and we had so much fun with them. This year they're heading out for New Year's. Franny and I were talking about Christmas (probably about how they're allowed to start eating the gingerbread on Christmas Day), and she said, "What about our cousins?" I said, "They're not coming this year, sweetie." She said, "AH! Isn't that sad? Why are we having Christmas all by ourselves?" It was pretty cute and I was thrilled she remembered and enjoyed that part of Christmas last year.

I snapped a few shots of our sleepover. I was there, too. I just don't like being photographed when I'm pregnant. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who carries pregnancy in her face (among other places.) Yikes and I still have over three months. "Home Alone" wasn't as much of a hit as last year, but I still enjoyed the tradition. The girls were pretty hyper and after a while they were playing with their Simpsons dolls, Bobby picked up his book, and I (surprise, surprise) fell asleep early. But between Franny's snoring and Sophie's coughing, I woke up quite a few times and it was fun to look over and see the Christmas tree. That's my favorite part of the whole thing, I think. I think it's worth one night sleeping on the couch. The next morning I woke up to Franny poking my leg. I moved a little and she said, "What did you say?" It was so funny how she was trying to be sneaky and wake me up. I totally understand since as a kid I was usually the first one awake in my house. Anyway, this was definitely a fun Christmas memory. Maybe "Miracle on 34th Street" next year? I'll take your suggestions if you've got them.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. New pictures of my sister, her husband, and her twins on her blog. Very cute!


jayne said...

Elf is a fun family movie. I love this tradition you have. I don't think anything would make me want to sleep on the couch. You are a trooper! I would probably fall asleep with them, then sneak into my bed.....

Morgan said...

I love your girls and the silly little things they do. I love all your traditions and food and EVERYTHING. I am going to make that chicken and potatoes. As soon as I figure out what the HECK a jelly roll pan is. Oh, and when I get a food processor...Okay, just make it for me, will ya. :)

BennettBoysBlog said...

Katherine: Your mom would be so proud of you! This is my first time on your blog...I am not good at being on the computer, needless to say! You have turned out to be such a lovely young woman! I love your blog, your cooking ideas, family traditions, etc.... The pictures of your two little girls reminded me so much of you and Julia at those same ages! Where has time gone? It seems like yesterday that I was living in your home and taking care of you guys. Honestly, it makes me feel like a dinosaur!
Okay, I have a blog, also, but the last time I posted on it was a year I said I am not that great about being on the computer. I do keep up a little better on facebook, so hopefully I can keep in touch that way. Now that I know your blog, I will keep up with you and your darling family! Love to you all! I sure wish we lived closer so that I could see you guys! Have a wonderful holiday season! Love, Gayleen

Kelly Evanson said...

how funny. we watched "Home Alone" this year with the boys. I didn't remember how much "mean" talking there was in the beginning but the boys were sure getting a kick out of the last half hour!

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