Saturday, February 6, 2010

"I pooped in my pants. It's okay to make mistakes."

This is definitely my favorite Sophie quote so far this year. Here is the story. We've been potty-training Sophie since right after Christmas. She picked up really quick on the first part, but the second part has been a bit more of a struggle. Our second night in California, we were having a small family party. Maggie was in town with her boyfriend Ryan, Richard and Kristy were up with Stacy and Joe (Kristy's twin sister and her husband), and my grandparents were in from Utah. Sophie walks out, seemingly panic-stricken, and says, "I need to go potty!" Well, I could tell by her stance and her face that she had already been.

I should also mention that when Franny gets really frustrated when she is trying to sound out words or write a sentence, we will often say, "it's okay to make mistakes! That's how you learn!"

Back to Sophie and her poop pants- I was a bit frustrated with her. I was anticipating such an event and had just reminded her to head for the potty when she felt the need. I didn't say much as I went about cleaning up her mess, but she could tell I was irked by the look on my face. She was crying and she said, "You need to say sorry to me!" I said, "WHAT?! I need to say sorry to YOU!" She said, "Yeah, because you mad at me! You like, 'MMHHH!' (at which point she disgustedly puts her hands on her hips trying to mimic me). "You cranky!"

At that I had to laugh. So I got her into a fresh pair of pants and we walked back out into the family room where most of the party was sitting and talking. Sophie then announces to the whole room, "I pooped in my pants. It's okay to make mistakes."

She is so funny.

By the way, she's got it down now, so we are officially off diaper duty for the next two months! Cause to celebrate.


Kelly said...

Oh, I LOVE that. That is so so funny. I think it's so funny she was mimicking you. The whole thing just cracks me up. Love it!

J said...


Ashlie n Jonathan said...

HAHAHA! Hey there! I think I check blogs every 6 months. I am SO bad. Then I have to say that every time I come back. ;)

That story is SOOO funny! Looks like you had a LOT of fun in CA. Your family looks and sounds SO fun. Glad you got to go! Those twins are BEAUTIFUL!

Your girls are growing up so fast! Caitlyn would LOVE to lose a tooth, but we aren't even close. ;) I love the story and the nerd you found. You are my hero! =) What is the going rate anyway?!

Glad to see your yummy food too! You are amazing!

Are you expecting? The only reason I ask, is your two months off diaper duty comment. If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Did I know that 6 months ago?! ;) I am such a dork. I miss you and DO think about you! I am just stinky at blog checking!

HOpe you are well! Hugs!

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