Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lemon Drop Cookies

When Franny was only five weeks old, we flew out to visit my Mom for about eight days. My mom was in the mood to try some new recipes and just about every recipe tried has now become a part of my cooking repertoire. Once while visiting me in Utah, we stopped in Deseret Book at the mall and she bought this cookbook called "Best-Loved Recipes of Well-Known Latter-Day Saints" or something, because it had a recipe for these delicious cookies. (By the way, as far as I can remember, this is the only decent recipe in the whole book!) I LOVE these cookies. FYI- this recipe makes A LOT.

2 cups sugar
1 1/2 c butter/shortening (I used 1/2 c butter and 1 c shortening)
3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp lemon extract
4 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp soda
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
finely chopped zest of 1 lemon
6 oz. package crushed leomon drops
1 cup powdered sugar
juice of 1 lemon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream sugar and shortening in your mixer with the paddle attachment until light and fluffy. Add eggs and flavoring and blend well. Sift dry ingredients and gradually add to wet mixture. Add lemon zest and crushed lemon dropps. Roll in balls, flatten with a fork. Bake on parchment paper for 10-12 minutes. Whisk together powdered sugar and lemon juice to make a glaze. Cool 1-2 minutes, brush with glaze.


Jodie said...

Oh my gosh!! These were soooo good! I am so happy to have the recipe. I was going to email you to get it! Thanks!!

Ashley said...

Couldn't stop...huge addiction...sooo yummy...10 pounds heavier...

Just a friendly warning, these can and will replace lunch and dinner if you aren't careful.

janejane said...

We have this cookbook and discovered these a couple of years ago and have been my favorite cookie since. I only make them if I have someone to give them to or I will eat them ALL. Tonight I made coconut cupcakes from the barefoot contessa cookbook, have you tried those? Another favorite, TO DIE FOR!!

The Jim Wilkes Family said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. When I mentioned to my friend Allison Ellsworth (sister of Anne Curtis)that I was thinking of starting a blog she told me about your blog. I have tried several of your recipes - I am a recipe addict - and I LOVED the Lemon Drop Cookies. I adore lemon and these were fantastic - I think I ate half of them myself and that's a lot of cookies! I have my blog up and running and just today shared your recipe and of course a link to your blog! I am new to this blogging world and have really enjoyed visiting yours! Leigh Anne Wilkes, Portland, OR www.ahomebasedmom.com

theflanfam said...

Oh boy. I am in TROUBLE! Thanks for atempting to help me on photoshop. I don't know what I did to get it all messed up. I'm going to try and google it. I tried Youtube but to no avail. If all else fails, Ruth or Melody will be hearing from me soon.

I really wish I was the same year as you and your "clan". You guys seem like you had/have a lot of fun! Sure glad I know you now!

Ashley said...

On here, again. A friend was asking me for this recipe so I'm grabbing the link, thought I'd say hi. Also, you need to update the picture on your banner. As do I. Remember when we used to keep our blogs updated?

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