Monday, April 21, 2008

My arraignment

I had my arraignment a few days ago and I had to appear before the judge and plead guilty with an explanation as a result of my arrest a few weeks ago for an unpaid speeding ticket. Click here for the full story.

The highlight had of the whole experience had to be when the guy standing in front of me recognized a friend in the back of the room and called out, "hey, what are you in here for? A D.U.I.?" His friend answered, "No, a D.W.I." (What's the dif?) "What are you in here for?" The guy in front of me answered, "I got in a fight in Pancake City." I had to bite my lip so fast to stifle the giggle that was fighting so hard to escape my lips. Bobby calls Pancake City our town's "greasy spoon." Great pancakes, but not so great atmosphere.

I explained to the judge that March was an unusually busy month and I was at an autism conference when Bobby answered the door that Thursday night with Sophie and Franny and found a police officer stating he had a warrant out for my arrest. She was very nice and polite (didn't waive the court costs, but they were minimal) and then she went on to tell me that she's reading a book written by an adult woman with autism. I asked her what is was called and she got up, left the courtroom to get her purse and came back with this book. Then she proceeded to talk to me for a few minutes on the subject of autism. With all those people waiting! It was hilarious! I think I'm going to have to check out that book.


Pattie said...

this so funny...What no Jail time..jk

SHIRLEY'S said...

WOW! that is really funny!

I have to tell you... when I read your first post about getting arrested, and having to have a mug shot taken, I too had a ticket and totally forgot to show up in court to fight it (long story), then they increased my fine, and they said that if I didn't pay it by april 14th I too would have a warrant out for my arrest.

Too funny!

Jill said...

That is too funny!

You made me curious and I had to google:
In some states, the drunk driving laws differentiate between a DUI and a DWI, where the DUI is a lesser charge. In these states, a DUI usually signifies a lesser degree of intoxication, which is determined by a person’s blood alcohol level at the time of arrest. Sometimes, states will allow the charges of a DWI to be reduced to a DUI with the help of a defense attorney.

Erik said...

I always knew you would be arrested. But I thought It would be for like Burglary and Arson. haha, kidding.

Sarah said...

That "what are you in here for?" is so funny! And a fight at P.C.? Classic.

Julia Warner said...

That is so funny. I can just see you trying hard not to laugh, Pancake City haha. Well I am glad that whole experience is over for you.

Rachel said...

That first comment from pattie cracked me up! No jail time??? LOL. Too funny. You big criminal!

Erin said...

That is so funny that she talked to you about Autism, with everyone waiting. She must have liked you. :) Too bad you didn't get to witness this guys fight in Pancake City. That could have been an interesting Kville memory! haha!

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