Friday, April 4, 2008

What if Jurassic Park were real and...

Julia's best friend Tara- who, as my mom would say is "top of the charts" as far as best friends go- threw a Bachelorette Party for Julia at her and Grant's new apartment in Rancho San something-or-other. We had a great time and laughed our heads off.
Tara made delicious food and had some hilarious little surprises planned and it made for a great night. And just by the way, her surprises included but were not limited to a very tiny replica of a certain male anatomy part that can potentially grow to 1200 times it's original size simply by adding water. Impressive. I am too embarrassed to share any details about the rest of the surprises!

Tara had us play a game called "What if?" We each had to write a question and an answer on two separate pieces of paper. Example: "What if Julia got pregnant on her honeymoon?" Tara would draw a question at random along with an answer and read them together. I could not come up with a good question, and the only idea that came to me was this: "What if Jurassic Park were real and Grant and Julia went there on their honeymoon and got lost in the jungle with all the dinosaurs?" I was embarrassed about it and my plan was to pretend it wasn't me when it was read, but as soon as Tara read it I burst out laughing, but it didn't matter because Julia knew exactly who it was anyway. I am such a nerd.

Julia married into a great family. It was so fun to meet them all. I've been blogging friends with his sister Heidi for a while now, so it was to meet her in person and I was so glad she and Randi could come to the bachelorette party. They are both a lot of fun!

Here's a group shot we were able to pull off using the self-timer function. Not bad. (From left to right: Sloane (Maggie's b.f.), our cousins Jessica, Vanessa, and Chrissy, Heidi, Julia, Annie, Randi, Tara, Maggie, and me. (My sister-in-law Kristy couldn't make it because her work schedule was so crazy, but we missed her!)
And my sisters and I. It occurs to me now that we should have gotten a good cousins shot, but I think Jessica, Chrissy, and Vanessa left before we got picture happy.


The Zickgraf Family Circus said...

lol too funny. Julia is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

You guys kinda don't look alike at all--but then, you kinda do. You are all beautiful!

SHIRLEY'S said...

That was a fun night... I never knew how funny your family was!

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