Sunday, April 27, 2008

slow-roasted and pulled turkey sandwiches

There was this sandwich place in Utah that I LOVED to go to. When my boss wanted me to order sandwiches for a lunch meeting, I'd always suggest this place and order one for myself. I'd get it on sourdough bread, pay the extra 75 cents for the avocado and hope whoever was slathering on the secret sauce was feeling generous that day.

Well, here's how I recreated that lovely sandwich.

Actually, the turkey is my Mom's recipe. I've only made it three times. The first time I made it it didn't turn out. (There as a period of time where I failed each and every one of my mother's "no-fail" recipes.) But it seems like every time I make it and I have to call her and ask, "Okay, so you don't add water? Just the turkey breast and lemon pepper?" And that's it! You just take a turkey breast and sprinkle a lot of lemon pepper on it and leave it in the crockpot all day on low. So simple it can't even really be called a recipe!

So then you shred the turkey. (It will be tender and moist and oh so delicious!) Here's the funny thing- I used to dream up ways of how I could persuade the cashier at the sandwich shop to divulge the secret of the secret sauce to me. Could I make up an allergy? Say my boss has an allergy and I need to know the ingredients of the sauce? Well, before I was able to work up the courage during one of my many visits to the sandwich shop, I overheard a guy ordering a sandwich and he did all the work for me. Here's how that conversation went:

Guy: "I'll have a turkey sandwich."
Cashier: "Would you like the sauce?"
Guy: "What's in it?"
Cashier: "Mustard, mayonnaise, and a little bit of sour cream."
Guy: "Uh, no thanks."

A-ha! I was embarrassed for thinking I needed to concoct some sort of secret operation, but I didn't care, I finally knew the ingredients to the secret sauce! And it's so yummy!

You must have avocado with this sandwich. And it's best on sourdough. Tomatoes are good, too. So are alfalfa sprouts, lettuce and a little red onion.


Dana and Chase said...
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Dana and Chase said...

hey kathrine!! its dana davis! hey i was just wondering where exactly do you live in missouri? lori told me you guys live there and im actually coming out for the summer and was wondering if you know of any jobs?? let me know! we will be in st. louis!

Dana and Chase said...
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Tisha said...

Yummm! That looks so good! Thanks for the idea.
Also, I am really sorry about the house situation. If you need to come down to Columbia for some Hobby Lobby time, give me a call. I'd be happy to watch the girls.

Melody said...

How did you get that glass of water to balance on the sandwich? Amazing!
I can't wait to try this. :)

Carole said...

I just read this Kath, and guess what? The sauce has the same ingredients as the dressing for my potato salad. I use 3 to 1 mayo and sour cream plus a little shot of mustard. Loved the material Bobby picked out. Tell him I am impressed.
Love you,

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