Saturday, December 20, 2008

Entertaining with Marianne Sant Warner

A few people have asked me about this cookbook that I made for my Dad with all my mother's best recipes and some of our other family favorites. It's finished now and anyone can order it through You can even preview the first eighteen pages or so, which oddly don't really cover many of my Mom's recipes. Most of hers come later in main dishes and desserts.

Entertaining with Marianne Sant Warner by Katherine Warner Fields

This is the third book I've made with blurb and I have been so happy with them. Just to warn you, though- it's really expensive for a cookbook. And they really get you with the shipping and the tax. I'm still grateful for the service they provide though.


julie said...

It's beautiful! You need to make more and sell them. I will be first in line Seriously! I miss your Mom. She's has been on my mind a lot lately. Not sure why. But I miss her and love her.

Anne said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I loved looking through the first pages, I'm going to order one. So kind of you to do for your dad.

The last Unicorn said...

I think this is such an amazing thing you have done! I would love to get my hands on this. I am sure everything in it is delicious and your mom looks beautiful in that picture :)

laura mae said...

The cook book is awesome. Everything looks so yummy. Plus the pictures are great as well. That just makes it so much more personable. That is such a great idea and you are just so creative.

cari said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I bought one for my mom. It will be the perfect present for her. She thought the world of your mom and she will love this. Thank you again.

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

Katherine!! I haven't checked blogs in FOREVER. I LOVE THIS. You are my hero for making this! How awesome and what an absolute treasure!!

I love your traditions! We too are staying here "home alone" hee hee...for the first time this year. Christmas is different without CA and family, but I am hoping it will continue to be fun and exciting.

I hope you are all doing well. Your girls are so darling and you look beautiful as you always do! Merry Everything!

Awesome job on your book!

Paris-family said...

that cookbook is BEAUTIFUL. You should be very proud of yourself, and what a great way to be connected with your mom forever. I'm sorry you had to lose her. Your girls will love that book, too. I might just buy one. ;)

Jen Paris

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