Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Days

I feel like a kid again whenever there's a snow day. Which is weird, since I'm pretty much home all day every day. I didn't get to experience "the snow day" growing up. (I did have the beach five minutes from my house, which is a hundred times better than any snow day- but still, I've always loved the idea of getting to stay home from school and watch the snow fall from inside a warm house.)

I got a call from the school saying because of some inclement weather, school was dismissing early. Sophie and I got in the car and picked her up and a few minutes after we got home, our little neighbor Tali knocked on the door and asked if Franny wanted to come out and play. Poor Franny has all the snow gear, but had never used it because her Mommy never plays in the snow with her. So I was THRILLED by Tali's invitation.

Here's Franny saying, "Tali, how do I look?"

Snow angels.

Running in the snow.

When she came back in the house 10 minutes later (which by the way is exactly the reason I don't like playing in the snow- all that work getting everybody dressed for ten minutes outside in the snow? I don't think so.) Like I was saying, when she came back in the house ten minutes later, I asked if she wanted hot chocolate. She said yes! When she saw me pour her milk in a mug and put it in the microwave, she said, "No. No thank you. No thank you, Mom." I was, "No, wait. Just try it. You'll like it!" She was reluctant, but when I promised to add a candy cane and some marshmallows, then I knew I had her attention. She scooped the marshmallows out with a spoon and sucked on the candy cane, but that's pretty much all I got. The next morning Bobby asked her if she wanted some hot apple cider. She said, "No thank you. I need milk. Cold milk."


Heidi said...

I just cannot get over how great her language is... you are doing an awesome job with that girl!

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a fun time. I love the whole matchy matchy thing. That is hilarious.

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