Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kansas City

I'm kind of overwhelmed with how many things I want to blog about and not making the time to sit down and do it! I'll just have to start somewhere. The last few weeks have been jam-packed. The Autism conference was wonderful. I really need to make myself sit down and write about it. Sitting down and looking through my notes and summarizing some of my favorite points will help me remember the things I felt inspired to do while sitting in those sessions and might even help some other parent. So I'll do it... tomorrow? Yes. I'll get something written about the conference tomorrow.

Tonight I asked Franny not to burp at the dinner table, because it's not polite. She asked in reply, "How do I not burp?" It's a valid question.

We spent General Conference weekend in Kansas City at Wes and Jen's house. (Wes is Bobby's brother.) We had a great time as usual. The kids played Conference Bingo. I did some knitting (which is my obsession du jour) while I listened to the speakers. Jen made me maybe the best salad ever and some fabulous strawberry desserts. (We collaborated and invented a new dessert: Strawberry and Banana Shortcakes with Homemade Vanilla Pudding.)

We were able to see my Nicole's first soccer game, where she scored a goal in the first five minutes! I was so impressed with the way they handle the games. They don't keep score and only three kids play on each team at a time. The kids get lots of attention, feedback, and encouragement and they learn so much about playing on a team. I think I want to get Franny into T-ball now. I hope they run the 4/5 year old teams in a similar way here. It was so windy and cold. Luckily we had wind-resistant coats and lots of blankets and hats made by my grandma.

Then on Saturday after the first session we were able to go to Deanna Rose Farmstead or something and see some animals and play at the park. Sophie really loved feeding the goats. There was a baby lamb I fell in love with, and I petted the fluffy rabbits even though the signs strictly prohibit it.

Sunday the kids did so well watching the first session of conference. They loved Jen's Bingo game. We ended up staying another night and left early Monday morning. We stopped at the Liberty jail. I hadn't been there since Bobby's mission homecoming and so obviously the girls had never been either. We were told while we were there that 170 years earlier, on April 6, 1839, the prophet Joseph Smith was released from the Liberty jail. We thought that was pretty cool. When our tour guide finished up she sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." She had a beautiful voice and I love to hear that song because it was my Mom's favorite hymn. She offered to take this picture for us and after we left Bobby asked if he could go touch "the rock." She said yes, though we're both pretty sure she didn't know what she was saying yes to. I stood there with my mouth hanging open because 1.) I couldn't believe he asked her that and 2.) I couldn't believe she said yes. He was off like a kid in a candy store and he jumped down inside the display so he could feel the original floor of the cold basement where the prophet Joseph Smith and his men were kept without cause for about four months. The sister missionary told us later it was against the rules and even she had never been down there. Well, Bobby's a bad boy but I still think it's pretty cool he got to stand on the same floor that Joseph Smith stood on.


tiffany said...

That looks like you had a lot of fun down there.I have missed reading your blog. I cant wait for you to type about the autisim confrence.

tiffany said...
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Julia Holmes said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Everytime I see pictures of Sophie and Franny I have to show them off to someone at work. They are way to cute!! I am so excited to come watch them in 3 weeks!!! I remember seeing liberty jail. I want to go back.

DeGooyer Family said...

I haven't been to the Liberty Jail for SO long - it's such a neat place to visit.

Jen Fields said...

We are so glad you guys came!! Thank you! We rocked those strawberry/banana pudding shortcakes didn't we?! I can't believe you guys got to touch the rocks. How cool is that?!

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