Monday, April 20, 2009

Sixteen Candles

My little sister is sixteen years old!

It's hard to believe this but Annie hates having her picture taken. Most of the time when I try to snap a picture of her, she turns her head. If I ever succeed in taking her picture, she sometimes makes me promise not to post it on her blog. Well, sister. It's your birthday and all bets are off!!!

We were all pretty "ga ga" over Annie when she arrived. My mom jokes that noone ever put her down before she turned six months. We were all fighting over who got to hold her. She was such a sweet baby.

Our family's Christmas card picture from '93.

It was really hard for me to leave Annie when I left for college because she was so little and so fun. I remember after being gone for a few days I asked to talk to Annie on the phone. She told me she had saved a popsicle for me in the freezer and I started crying! I missed my sweet Annie so much! This was taken one day when my Mom had something to do and asked me to take her to her "Mommy and Me" class. We had so much fun. (Incidentally, I have that same orange funnel.)

This is picture was taken at my friend's house. We were all posing for pictures before the prom and my Dad snapped this of Maggie and Annie. I love this picture. They have always been such great friends.

When I used to come home from college, I'd come home after going out with friends and climb into Annie's bed to wake her up and play with her. I don't think my mom ever knew. She woke up so sweet and she'd go right back to sleep. Yes, I'm aware that my tongue is excessively long.

Here's a picture I happen to know my sister wouldn't mind me posting.

I saved the best for last. Annie and Julia took me to see Wicked last year for my birthday. We had a blast. We were walking along Hollywood Blvd. and I asked them to strut so I could take their picture. Then "Wicked"-ly I decided to film them instead and put it to music in true humiliating birthday fashion.

Happy Birthday Annie! We all love you!


Bobby said...

Happy Sweet 16 Annie.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Annie!!!

Julia Holmes said...

Happy Birthday Annie! We love you! Thanks for the video Katherine, I look really cool :).

julie said...

If I looked like Annie I would walk around with a camera pointed on me. At all times. :)

Happy birthday, Annie!

Ashlie n Jonathan said...

You are SO awesome. What a good sister! I LOVE the picture of all you girls (looks like from a wedding). It is stunning and you all look like you jumped straight out of "the most beautiful and sweet girls ever" magazine. I also love the picture of you waking Annie up when you were home. I am sure she LOVED that. What special times.

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