Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks a lot, Mom.

I've been putting off taking Franny to the dentist for about two and half years now. I finally took her today. She did a great job. I don't know why I waited so long.

Yes I do.

I was afraid the dentist might have some bad news for us. You see, Franny screamed bloody murder for a time during her 2nd year whenever we made a move to brush her teeth. So we stopped trying for a while.

Well, the dentist did have some bad news for us.

Franny has FOUR cavities. FOUR!

I feel so bad! When I was looking for a picture to include with this post, I thought this one would work perfectly because the look on her face seems to be saying, "Thanks a lot, Mom."


Julia Holmes said...

Haha, she is so cute! 4 cavities! Poor thing.

Natalie said...

My kids are heading to the dentist this summer too...... wish us luck! And, Franny looks so grown-up sitting in the chair.

Sandra said...

Wow, that sounds exactly like what we go through with Peter when we try to brush his teeth. Maybe I shouldn't have given up as well...

*resolves to start trying to get Peter to brush again*

Erin said...

haha! The picture really does fit with "THanks a lot Mom" :)

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