Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Caribbean Cruise

Our cruise was amazing- it was everything you want in a vacation. There were so many stories and pictures that it was really hard to choose my favorites. I don't journal anywhere else but here and since I figure people don't really want to scroll through all my vacation pictures, I thought I'd just backdate them and link them all to this post. So if you want to read anymore about any of the ports we visited, just click on the link below each picture.


Puerto Rico- our bonus vacation day.


Aruba- our first time snorkeling.


Bonaire, where the scuba-diving is awesome and the flamingos run wild.


Grenada- most romantic beach ever.


Dominica: The Rain Forest!


St. Thomas (post coming soon) - I saw the most amazing sea turtle while I was snorkeling at this beach.

Pictures and stories from the ship.


Julia Holmes said...

Wow Katherine! I was so sad when there were no more pictures to see. I want to go so bad!!! Looks like the PERFECT vacation. I am so happy that you guys got to experience that. How fun.

Jessica said...

You and Bobby look like models in your Aruba title page. It reminds me Rhett and I should work out.

Sheryl said...

You kiddos had a rockin great time! You are both smokin' hot looking, and lookin in love!!

theflanfam said...

That looks like the funnest trip ever recorded in history. I need one of those...NOW! I agree with everyone else, you guys are smokin' hot!

Erin said...

WOW! I love the pictures! It sounds amazing!

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