Sunday, May 31, 2009


Because the cruise ship left from San Juan, Puerto Rico, our vacation started a day early. The party got started before we even set foot on the boat! We went to the beach that morning and the water was clear blue and warm. The Aanderuds flew in just about when we were ready to take a taxi over to the ship so we checked in and then headed back out to explore Old San Juan. We poked around in some shops, took lots of pictures, and hung out at El Morro, practicing our air guitar jumps and watching Capoeira dancers dressed in white show off their cool moves.

Some of my favorite Puerto Rico memories:
On the plane, Justin and Ash bust out two surgical masks. Smart move considering the recent outbreak of the swine flu, but Bobby and I laughed and pointed anyway.

We flew into P.R. the night before our cruise started, so we decided to save a little bit of cash and share a room with the Pace's. The room was very nice and very stylishly decorated. It was perfect except for the bathroom. The door into the bathroom was translucent, as was the shower! It was hilarious! Never before have I stayed in a hotel room with a bathroom that does not offer any privacy in the bathroom.

Air guitar at El Morro.


I never did get to try Mofongo.


The last Unicorn said...

You are making me really miss Puerto Rico! I want to go back so bad! I never tried the Mofongo either, but wasn't the rice and beans to die for!?!

Ashley said...

I love the pictures of all the couples, that turned out so cute. But....where's the dance?

Katherine said...

I think we missed out Lori. There was SO MUCH food on the boat that we didn't really eat much when we were at port. We did try some delicious food in Dominica, which I'll come back to later. Ashley, I'm so worried that it's going to take me months to edit all that video footage! Plus we still haven't reenacted Bobby's rainforest dance since I erased it. I'm still so mad at myself for doing that!

sara said...

I love that last picture! It is awesome! It sounds like such a great trip with great friends.

Julia Holmes said...

The last picture turned out so good! I love it!

Jen Fields said...

This is such an awesome shot. The guy on the left is way up there!

Anonymous said...


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