Friday, May 8, 2009



Cliff Jump
We had quite a few Dominican guys who guided us down the river. We stopped for a few minutes and they all climbed up this bank and jumped off it. We asked if we could. The six of us and a few others were the only ones who wanted to try it. It was so much fun we did it again and asked someone to take our picture for us. The picture didn't turn out too great because it was our cheapo water camera. But at least we have a picture of it.

River tubing in Dominica was a lot of fun. A funny thing that happened was we came to a fork in the river and Ashley followed me to the right and we got stuck maybe about four different times. The kicker was that we could hear all the smart tubers, the ones who chose to take the left, screaming with delight as they rushed down a really fun set of rapids. Meantime we're over on the right using our feet and our arms to try and disentangle ourselves from the reeds and the rocks that were getting in our way. It was pretty funny.

After the river tubing, we stopped to watch a short performance from some Native Carib dancers while we ate an authentic Dominican meal. We were starving and it tasted delicious. Bobby and I even volunteered to join the dancers.

Like how I'm giving Bobby the "stink eye" for ogling that Carib dancer? She was totally coming on to him. ;)

After that it was on to the Emerald Pool. Dominicans are the wildest drivers. We were all holding on for dear life in the tour van every time the driver turned a corner and nearly hit opposing traffic.

The Emerald Pool was gorgeous. See for yourself.

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