Thursday, September 23, 2010

Left, left, I had a good home and I left.

Wednesday afternoons are busy for us. Franny has theater group on a college campus and Sophie has her dance lessons. When I picked her up from dance she held up her right hand and said that Miss Melody said it was her left. Now I'm sure Melody knows her right from her left- I just think Sophie got a little confused. I set her straight by telling her to hold of her left hand and point her thumb out and her pointer finger up. "See, it looks like an L, for left!" She held up her right hand and did the same thing and said, "YEAH! And this one is a gun!"


Julia Holmes said...

Haha she is so cute and so funny! I love all the cute things she says.

Carole said...

She must be a laugh a minute. What a cutie.

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