Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another great weekend in P-burg

This is my father-in-law's house. The kids love the "moonbounce."

There was a family reunion this weekend in Pittsburg that we didn't want to miss, so we made the 5 hour drive to Kansas for the second time this month. We stopped in Louisburg and spent the night at Wes and Jen's place and made them dinner to say thank you for all the fabulous picture-taking she's been doing for our family. I don't know what I was thinking, but I have dreamed of having Jen take pictures of my food and I was right there and neither of us even thought of it. I made Erin's Pesto Pizza, a garden salad with a new salad dressing I concocted (which I will reveal once I can make it again and take a picture) and Natalie's chocolate caramel browies a la mode.

The next morning we drove the rest of the way to Pittsburg and spent the day playing with cousins, eating snow cones, and helping make preparations for the party. (Okay, the "we" is generous on that last bit- Bobby helped all afternoon while Franny watched Shrek and Sophie and I napped.)
Barbie, Raspberry Colada with Cream, Vanilla Voodoo with Cream

Saturday was the big party and a good time was had by all. Franny had a blast- she wore three different outfits that day because she kept getting them wet in the pond. Finally we wised up and let her just play naked. We played washers, sat around and visited, and my sister-in-law and I tried to figure out all the relative's names that we should know after being part of this family for nine and six years, respectively. (Bobby's dad is one of fifteen children.)

Aunt Molly took Franny on two paddle boat rides while we were there. Thanks Aunt Molly!
The only down side to the weekend was wet dogs everywhere.

I don't think anyone even asked these girls to hold hands. It was so sweet and so perfect because Bobby just happened to be walking behind them with the camera. These girls are so sweet.
From left to right: Nicole, Franny, Zoe

At the end of the day everyone was really tired. Except for me, I guess. Somebody had to take pictures of all the cute sleeping babies!


Wilsons said...

I would go to Kansas all the time too! Isn't it so nice to have family so close (or atleast closer) and what a fun family reunion!

jayne said...

How fun! I really want to go to this place just to test out those sno-cones. They look fabulous!

janlee said...

CUTE pictures. it looks like a lot of fun!

Erin said...

Wow, that weekend sounds like a blast! The sno-cones look delicious - just as good as you've described them to me. Mmmm. It makes me so happy that you made my Pesto Pizza! :)

The Laytons said...

You have an amazing blog!! I miss you guys so much!! I miss the girls and the people from Kville (Jille, Ashley, Jayne, Melody, Erin and everyone else). I wish I had gotten to know everyone a little better. I love all your recipes and reading about them and seeing the pictures - you've inspired me to be a better cook! I love food way too much :) Your girls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!

Jill said...

Looks like so much fun. Your so mean posting those snow cone pictures. It just makes me want this yummy thing I can never have :( Your family is adorable, I love the pics.

Missy I wish I could have gotten to know you better too :)

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