Monday, June 11, 2007

Saturday is a special day

On Saturday Bobby and I were outside testing our new double jogging stroller when we ran into our neighbor Tommy. His wife and daughter are out of town and so we asked him if he'd like to join us for dinner. He said he had tons of meat and offered to grill some up and we could combine forces! Score! I shamelessly suggested we have it in has backyard so that we could make good use of their playground. (They have the coolest backyard!) So this is what we were able to throw together without a trip to the store. I go grocery shopping WAY too much.

Fresh garlic croutons on a green salad with a creamy Italian vinaigrette

A special request from Bobby for Pilsbury Funfetti Cupcakes with Duncan Hines Strawberry Mist frosting. (I like how I can even make a cake mix sound sexy.) Aren't they pretty?

I think we were too excited to eat to remember to take a picture of the main course, which was grilled marinated pork with raspberry chipotle sauce. (The raspberry chipotle sauce is fabulous and can be purchased from Costco if you're lucky enough to live by one.)

Saturdays are always fun for me and the kids because I usually don't bother with housework and let everything go so we can just play and make the most of Franny's day at home. Tommy was lucky enough to see what happens to our house on Saturdays when he helped us in with the dishes. Yikes. I'm sure that will change as the kids get older and I need their help with Saturday chores, but for now I like this arrangement.

Pool pictures are my favorite. This is Sophie's first ride on our new floatie! She liked it a lot more than Franny did. I was trying to get a shot of Sophie and Abbey calling out their names (SOPHIE! ABBEY!) and Franny got in there and said to me: "FRANNY!!!" Apparently she was not to be left out.

Bobby and I noticed a big improvement in her speech on Saturday. When she'd had enough of the pool, she came up and very clearly said to me, "Let's go." She had been sort of acting like she wanted to leave, but I was holding her off because I was having fun chatting with my friends. But after she said that I was so impressed I said, "Yeah, let's go!!"


jayne said...

I love your new layout!

janlee said...

cute pictures! how hot does it get there? when are you moving to utah? we might go down to provo at the end of july. the new blog looks great! sounds like a fun weekend! oh, wow! our house is out of control now! i am basically just leaving things until we move out. why clean when i will have to do it again next week! but it is kinda driving me nuts now. michael has rubbed off on me. he is slightly anal about order and cleanliness. i can't stand chaos for very long now.

Julia said...

Yes...I'm loving your new layout as well.

The girls are getting so big! They look so cute in their swim attire.

Seriously...I wish I could cook like you. I can boil stuff. That's about the extent of my betty-ness.

Miss your face.

Katherine said...

Janelle, it gets blazing hot here, and extremely humid. Right now it's pretty close to perfect, but that won't last. I can't believe I didn't tell you- we are not moving to Utah now. We couldn't find services that were adequate for Franny so we're staying out here another year! I'm so excited for you and your new house!

Katherine said...

Julia, I wish I could take pictures like you.

Anne said...

I forgot to comment on this post. Alyssa saw those cupcakes and wanted to make some. So when I was grocery shopping I couldn't find the cake mix or frosting. I guess I could have substituted any, but you are right, you make them sound so good.
Your girls are so cute, we need to make it to the pool one of these days. I miss you!

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