Friday, December 28, 2007

Stay in the San Diego jungle

After we picked up our bags from the baggage claim, and made our way outside to wait for my Dad to pick us up, Franny saw the palm trees and said, "Look Mommy, the jungle."  (Franny has been really into the "Jungle Book" lately.  You should see her dance and sing to "The Bare Necessities.")  

There's a line in the movie where Mogli says something like, "I'm gonna stay in the jungle." Franny has been saying this to me at least four times a day:

"Mommy?  Mommy.  Mommy."
"Yes, Franny?"
"Stay in the jungle."

It's so funny!  I think it means she likes the California weather and being here with her Grandpa and aunts.  I can't say I blame her!


Pattie said...

that is so cute..

Jill said...

How sweet!

Erik Nystul said...

Franny, I know how you feel, I miss that "California Love" too.

Mom/Louise/Nona said...

Hi... Love your blog site!!! And love my little ones. Fun!!! Mom/Louise/Nona

Music Quest said...

Katherine, I follow your blog on the quiet side. I enjoy your family, my prayer is that you are all well and just super busy with baby Claire now on the scene.

Take care of yourself,


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