Monday, October 20, 2008

This past week I hosted a fondue party at my house. We have a cooking club and I asked Tamra to come over and demonstrate a few fondue recipes. They were AMAZING! She adds toffee bits to her chocolate fondue. It's brilliant. And delicious. I think we're going to bring our pot down to Pittsburg this weekend and make it for Bobby's family.

Although cooking club starts at the same time the girls are scheduled to go to bed, they were understandably excited by the unusual amount of hubbub going on all over the house. Franny was especially interested in all of our guests. The first few to arrive got a, "Hi. I'm Franny. Whatcha doin'?" Bobby was home and ready to play with the girls for me and keep them busy, but Franny just wanted to be where all the ladies were. A few minutes into Tamra's demonstration, I saw Franny walk in and take the last empty chair in the middle of the room. She sat there quietly listening to the demonstration, looking very sweet and shy every time one of my guests turned to look at her. She sat like that for 10 or 15 minutes and I started to see her eyes droop even as she sat perfectly straight in her chair. She was so tired she was falling asleep! She just wanted to be part of what was going on. I stood in the front next to Tamra and whisking cheese fondue like mad, and all of the while my heart was melting. My sweet little Franny. I just really like her.

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Alissa said...

how cute it that?!

also, I see my sister!

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