Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cowboy Breakfast Sandwich

I have a new culinary obsession. I've had this breakfast sandwich for lunch or dinner three times this week. (Ironically not once for breakfast.) Occasionally I find a recipe that I love so much that it trumps all my other cravings and any time I'm hungry it's all I can think about. Most recent example being the chocolate peanut butter cake I've mentioned now four times on this blog. I was actually angry with Bobby for about 3 hours last week for eating nearly the rest of the cake and leaving me with only the most measly, teeny-weeny slice.

This is my "Nobody better mess with me or my cake" face.

The mayo and the jalapenos are what make this breakfast sandwich special. I load mine with so many jalapenos that by the end I'm practically breathing fire, but it's so worth it.

Here's the link- wouldn't change a thing.


Sara said...

Looks great! On average, I make about 10 new recipes a week, but very few make it into the repeater file. It's always fun to find something that's so good that you want to eat it everyday!

christine said...

I love the picture of you behind your cake. I totally wouldn't mess with you.

How do you get your cakes to looks so nice? Mine always look like crap.

Anonymous said...

Katherine you are too cute girl. I am going to have to try this recipe. That cake looks great.

Johanna said...

Did you post your cake recipe? It looks divine. It is making me crave that Black Angus chocolate cake. Umm, umm, ummmm!

Anonymous said...


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