Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fish Tacos with Lime Mayonnaise

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to try this mayonnaise on fish tacos. It was so good. It tasted better than I ever dreamed it could! I made the avocado salsa and served them with the lime mayo and cilantro on flour tortillas. I can't wait to make them again! (Another plus- this recipe is dairy-free and could easily be made gluten free by subbing rice flour and corn tortillas.)


2 c. self-rising flour
8 tbsp. cold water or more, if needed
4 tsp. salt
8 tbsp. oil
2 egg whites and 2 egg yolks
1 or more lbs. filleted fish
oil for frying

Soak fish for 25 minutes in salted water. Whisk 2 egg yolks and stir in flour, cold water, salt and oil. Mix all together. Beat 2 egg whites until stiff, fold into flour mixture. First dip fish into flour, then into batter, then into flour again and into batter again. Fry in oil until golden brown.


Holly Moore said...

Seriously, your blog does not disappoint. Everything you make looks soo yummy!

Julia said...

I finally made something that you posted on your blog! The BBQ chx tacos with lime mayo. I didn't love the seasoning on the chx, but the avocado salsa and lime mayo were to die for. I caught myself after every bite saying "mmm." We will try them on fish tacos next time.

Jenny said...

um...I'm going to have to try this for my hubby. I can't stand fish, so I don't ever cook it. So every once in a while I need to try to please the hubby and I'm sure this will turn out fabulous.

Mandi said...

Two things about your blog: I either feel guilty for not cooking fabulous meals like you, or my mouth waters and I want to eat it all! No really, I love your blog! Miss ya!

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