Friday, July 24, 2009

Crack makes me tired.

Here's a few funny things my kids have been saying that just need to get written down somewhere:

The other morning we came home from dropping Franny off at school and Sophie informed me that she needed to poop. I asked her if she wanted to try going on the potty. (We took a very large step back from potty training a month or two ago and I'm not yet ready to reembark on that exciting adventure.) She said, "actually... yes." Every time I ask her a question now, her reply starts with, "actually...." It's pretty funny. So anyway, she's sitting on her little pink training potty, trying to do her business and here's how our conversation goes:

Sophie: "Mommy, it's not working! I need more."
Mommy: "More what?"
Sophie: "More batteries."

In case you hadn't guessed, when things aren't working in our house, more batteries usually solves the problem.

Franny's consultant has asked me to write down examples of her sentences, so she can get a better idea of where her language patterns are at, how she's doing with prepositions, pronouns, etc. My favorite one so far has been when she told us that crack makes her tired.

Allow me to explain.

We were sitting in the living room and I twisted at the waist and cracked my back. I said, "Oh, that hurt my back." Franny said, "let me see" and started lifting up my shirt trying to see where I had injured myself. I explained to her that she couldn't see where my back hurt because it was inside my body. She thought about that for a second, and about my reaction. She must have thought I was tired as a result because she said, "Crack makes me tired." It was so cute and so funny.


julie said...

Crack makes me tired, too. :)

So, you make me feel guilty. I find myself driving around town thinking, "Why does Kathryn like to cook so much? Does she always cook such amazing meals every night? Is her house clean? Does she shower every day? Because if I cooked like Kathryn, Adam wouldn't care what our house looked like, or what I looked like for that matter."

Please come live with me and teach me how to be a better wife. I just HATE to cook. But I love to eat, so it's a frustration of mine.

You're my Idol.

Julia Holmes said...

Haha....they are so cute! I am so jealous that Annie is coming out there soon. You guys will have so much fun.

Katherine said...

Julie, you make me feel guilty when I read how fun and creative you are when you play with your kids. So as far as I'm concerned, we're even. :) I have two kids and one is in school all day. You have FOUR kids with one on the way. That makes a world of difference. And do I cook like this every night? Oh no. More like twice a week. Leftovers are a beautiful thing. And on the other nights during the week we have things like breakfast for dinner, or ground beef tacos, or even- dare I admit it- Malt-o-meal on occasion. And is my house clean? Sure it is, sometimes.

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