Friday, July 24, 2009

Here comes the bride

On the way home from the pool today Franny asked, "Mommy, how is Daddy your husband?"
I told her that Daddy and I got married and that makes him my husband. Then she asked me if she is going to get married, who she is going to get married to and what his name is going to be.

I said no she would not be getting married and forbade her to ever mention it again.

What? That girl is in too much of a hurry to grow up and someone needed to put a stop to it. ;)


Pattie said...

I loved your response to Franny.
ill have to tell heather that
in a couple of years and at our house we say crack kills meaning seeing your crack when you bend a pretty sight)
btw i miss our little chats at the school. hope you are having a great summer

Jill said...

That is too cute. Alyssa just asked me about Franny today, if she was as tall as her, I told her I am sure she is taller! I am excited to see you guys!

Kelly Evanson said...

that is so cute! your girls are growing up too fast!

Anita said...

I hear ya. Can you tell that to my Ava, because she doesnt seem to get it either. I told her not to EVEN worry about it until she is at LEAST 25, 30 if I can help it.

teresa and the boys said...

I'll have you know I just wasted a nearly two-hour nap window (in which I SHOULD have been doing about 17 other things)reading a years worth of your blog. So my messy living room? My seriously unorganized CD tower? TOTALLY YOUR FAULT.

In other news... How are you guys?

p.s. Aaron says "hi."

Jenny said...

Franny is a riot. Gotta love that girl

Anonymous said...

I need you to update your blog girl! I love coming here and reading although I hardly leave comments. I need to know how you are. We had baby Ruby 8 weeks ago and I am sure you saw pics of her on FB she is so cute. I love it. I want another! Lots of love to you. Beckie

Erin said...

Haha! love it. Benny asks me questions like that too. Last night he had two 9th grade girls (from YW) babysit him so we could go to a fireside and this morning he asked if they were married. WHAT???? Um, they were both GIRLS and they were KIDS. What is going through his head sometimes????? Funny!

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