Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet me at the fair.

We had a lot of fun this summer that has yet to be blogged so I'm going to try and catch up over the next few weeks. We'll see how it goes.

We splurged and bought season tickets to the fair. We didn't "eat our way through the fair" like we do in Blackfoot when we go to the fair with Grandpa Howard and Nona. The food at our fair just doesn't compare. But the kids had a lot of fun riding the kiddie rides (okay, Franny had a lot of fun riding the rides) and looking at the animals and we all got a kick out of the tiny and cranky old monkey who takes your quarter and puts it in his pocket. I think we gave this monkey a total of five dollars in quarters. We're a bunch of suckers.

During the day they had 4H activities and contests going on and one of those was a turtle race for kids. Sophie and I went with our neighbors Lydia and Amanda and Sophie took first place in the first heat! Because there were so many children, they had three different groups race and then they had the three first place winning turtles race against each other. Well imagine how upset I was when the contestant in the next lane kicked (no, I'm not kidding- KICKED) his turtle into first place. Until that stunt, our turtle was a shoe-in for first place. I looked at the turtle-kicker and said, "I saw that." The mom giggled and said, "Oh, it's all in good fun." Whatever lady. But Sophie didn't seem to mind. She got a cute little participant ribbon and she seemed thrilled about it. I, on the other hand, stewed about it all day, but I'm over it now.

Here's Sophie and I with our turtle (who suffered from major anxiety, I think- which is probably why he ended up being such a great contender); on the right are me and Lydia. We were making a wall with our feet so he'd head straight to the finish line. Sophie is missing as you can see, at this moment I think I was calling her back. Apparently the little turtle-kicking boy I mentioned earlier was actually a girl. Whoops. I had my eye on their turtle the whole time, I guess. Sophie, I'm glad you are such a good sport, but that trophy belonged to us! I swear, I'm really over it. ;)

My favorite memory from this year's fair has to be the awesome prank Bobby and I played. Three years ago, we were walking through the fair and saw this booth selling tacky stickers for your car. One of them said, "Cowboy Butts Drive me Nuts." We thought it was hilarious and decided we could stick it on our friend Phil's car as a joke. Then we saw the price and decided it wasn't worth it. Well, we've talked about that prank we never pulled ever since then and decided that it was definitely worth the splurge. Phil has since moved so we chose our friends Morgan and Jill who just moved back to town for residency. So we left the kids with some friends, and drove over one Sunday evening. We got out of our van and sneaked over to Morgan's truck. We were hoping that by leaving it on his car late Sunday night, he wouldn't see it early the next morning, drive it to work, and leave it in the hospital parking lot all day. So as Bobby is applying the sticker, we hear their dogs barking and voices in the backyard. Oh crap! They were entertaining in their backyard. We took this quick picture and got the heck out of there. It was classic.


Ashley said...

Whatever happened with that? Did Morgan find it that day?

Jane said...

I was behind a car with that same saying on the back. It was a girl and I don't think it was a joke to her. I had to laugh. It is way funnier on your friends car though.

christine said...

So I seriously laughed out loud! Cowboy butts!!!

I'm a rule stickler too and the turtle kicking thing would have made me crazy! I mean where is the integrity?! You were robbed!

Kelly said...

I hate that lady!

rebecca said...

That sticker is hilarious:) And Karma to the turtle kicker:)

Erin said...

I'm dying! That is so funny! So, I agree with Ashley and want to know the full story! Did he leave it on there? I just love that pic of Bobby with the sticker. hehe! I didn't know that Morgan and Jill moved back. That's awesome for you guys!

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