Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Franny is a big fan of camping. In the backyard. She learned about the concept of sleeping in tents outdoors in summer school and has been talking about it ever since. Some time in July, Bobby told Franny he would take her camping in the backyard. She started telling everyone she knew that we'd be going camping, neighbors, friends at church, teachers. Then when all those contacts were made aware of the news, she started telling strangers in public bathrooms, Walmart employees, people in elevators. Between Bobby's schedule and the rain, it took a long time to make it happen and the two had their camp-out just last week on a school night! We had fudge stripe S'mores outside with a fire log and invited our next-door neighbor over to join us. As you can see, Sophie loves fudge stripe S'mores. Then Franny put on her PJ's inside and said, "Goodbye Sophie, I'll miss you." Then she said, "Goodnight Mom, I love you," and hurriedly made her way back down to the tent. It was so cute. Sophie and I had our own little sleepover in my room and watched Strawberry Shortcake. I was worried she'd feel left out of Bobby and Franny's father-daughter outing, but she seemed relieved. I think she was scared to sleep outside. The sweetest story from the outing was when Franny sang to Bobby. She was making up songs and noticed him watching her. She put his little hand on her chest and said, "Daddy, am I camping with you?" (Is this really happening?) Then she said, "Did you like my song, Daddy? Do you want me to sing another one for you?" So she made up another song, and then another, and I think it may have been one of Bobby's favorite moments in fatherhood.


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That was my first thought--how did Sophie sleep without Franny?!? Glad you two had your own sleep over. Sweet Franny, I want her to come to my house for a camp out. You can come, too, if you want.

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