Saturday, August 25, 2007

My sister Annie

Before I continue with the most embarrassing moments, I want to blog some more about my sister Annie's visit. It went by way too fast! We had a great time with Annie and we hope she'll come back! She is so much fun to have around. Today Franny wouldn't stop saying, "Annie. Annie. I wanna go Annie."

I didn't know it before she came, but Annie had big plans to inundate me with all things High School Musical. What a cute show! Or as Annie would say, "That show is tight." (That means it's cool.) We watched Hannah Montana together and she taught me some tricks about text messaging. We spent a fair amount of time in Forever 21, Abercrombie, and Hollister (but not Gap or Old Navy of course, my younger sisters wouldn't be caught dead in clothes from there!) We also played A TON of Super Mario Bros. 3. I still remember all the tricks, warps, and secrets, and all I got from Bobby and Annie all week was, "You're such a Nintendo nerd, Katherine." Total lack of respect. I totally beat the game, and then Annie wanted to start all over again! :)

I already blogged about our visit to Columbia and Franny's unfortunate accident. This picture on the left is from our "Tour of ___ville." We started the tour off by heading over to the university here in town to walk around the pretty campus and check out the reptiles. It was very hot that day. After that we headed over to the other campus so Annie could get a look at where Bobby goes to school. We headed to the bookstore for some sodas and then it was on to the gameroom where Bobby spends most of his time. (Just joking.) We played a game of cutthroat pool and I totally won. After we played pool and a quick drive through downtown we headed to Mugshotz for a delicious peanut butter peanut butter cup concrete- our favorite.

We drove to St. Louis and hung out with Justin and Ashley for a few days and had a blast in spite of the heat. The first night we had a delicious dinner that Ashley prepared and then we went to the Magic House Children's Museum. Here are some pictures:

The next day we saw some more sites in St. Louis, including the zoo and Nora's fun birthday party, and then a late night of cards with Justin and Ashley after the kids were in bed. Monday we drove to Kansas City and went to the Great Wolf Lodge. It's a hotel with an indoor waterpark and it is awesome. (More on that excursion later. I need to import some video before I can blog about that.)

My kids love their aunt Annie and we were sad when she had to leave on Tuesday, but I know how excited everyone in California was to have her back, so we're grateful we could have her for as long as we did. She was so helpful while she was here, helping with the kids and the housework, but mostly it was just nice to have her around so we could talk and be together. I am so proud of the beautiful young woman that she is and so happy to have her as my sister. We love you Annie! Thanks for coming!


Jodie said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a great time! I am glad that she was able to come and visit with you guys before school starts. I am sure that she had a blast with all of you- you are such a fun family!!! Aren't sisters just the best!!!!!

Erin Walk. said...

Sounds so fun. Annie is super cute. I love the photo of her and Sophie in the pool together. I wish I could have met her too!

jayne said...

Are you guys like 14 years apart? I'm 13 from my sister, and I love it! Sisters that age are so much fun. Looks like you had an awesome time together. I'm sure she's glad she has you around.

Ashlie & Jonathan said...

SOOO fun! I love the pool pic with Sophie too and the AWESOME hair pictures!!

I am glad you enjoyed High School Musical. Both Jonathan and I are big fans! (Don't tell him I publicly posted that!) It has SWEET choreography, great music, modesty and good clean fun. But, I liked it before it became cool.

I bet Annie looks up to you a lot -as a sister, friend, and for the great mom you are to your girls. It was fun to chat today!

Jill said...

Your sister is gorgeous! It must run in your family :)

rebecca said...

Sisters really are the best!!!! That's great that she was able to spend time with you and your sweet family!! When you mentioned those pb and bb custards my mouth started watering!!! I do miss those :)

hayley said...

Those are the coolest pictures with your hair sticking up! How fun:) You and your sister look a lot alike, both naturally beautiful with your olive skin, dark hair and eyebrows. I wish I had eyebrows, I pencil them in everyday!

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