Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow White grocery shopping

This kid cracks me up. I heard her screaming so I walked in the playroom to find her struggling with this backpack filled with play food. Every time she tried to put the backpack on, all her food was spilling out. Why she doesn't just put the food in the shopping cart is a mystery to me.

It looks like she's telling me off in this picture but that's just how her face looks.



Natalie said...

O' how we miss you guys! What a character!

Ashley said...

Ha ha, "Your girlfriend gave me the stink eye in class yesterday". No, that's just what her face looks like, ok? Love that kid, can't wait to see her. And Abbey is SO into princess everything right now, they can dress up and shop all day. Ah...the good life.

Brendon and Stephanie said...

We just love that little girl. She's a saint in nursery...all the time. Makes our job easier :)

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