Sunday, January 25, 2009

this kind of agility?

When Ashley called saying she might be able to come hang out for the weekend since J. was going to be out of town, I was practically hyper-ventilating with excitement. Bobby was in the room and in jest told me to play it cool. So as a joke I decided to dial it way down after my first super-spaz reaction, "I mean, that's cool I guess. I'm not sure if I'll even be here, but whatever."

I'm so glad they came. Here's some fun pics from the weekend.


Reading books to the girls.

Duh, blah blah blah, something something, Macarena! There's a lot of princess-lovers in this house.

One man's trash is another man's treasure. We played in photoshop while Ash was here. I taught her what I know and she taught me what she knows. She slept in here where the computer was and played with textures on a few pictures she took. Look what I found in my computer trash? I love how they're holding hands.

My favorite part of the weekend was getting time to spend this one. We had lots of great talks, played a LOT of sequence, watched Arrested Development, and planned our vacation with our husbands and Melody and Paul. We even got to drop our kids off at a free babysitting night and hang out with Jayne for a night.

Oh wait, maybe my favorite part of the weekend was mugging on this one:


Her cheeks are so delicious. Will someone give me a baby please? It would be great if I didn't have to be pregnant.


Natalie said...

I'm glad you kept it cool, just so Ashley didn't think you were too anxious......

Ashley said...

I should have left Hayden with you, that would take care of your baby hunger :) Abbey came in and said "That's Abbey with Caffeine." Caffeine. That's you! Ha ha. I LOVE that picture of them all dressed up, I'm going to put it in her Sunday picture book for church. Thanks for having us up for the weekend--always the gracious host!

Holly Moore said...

Seriously, you are soo cool! I wish I could live near you and be your friend. (= I totally know what you mean about being so excited you hyperventilated. (= I got so excited about the prospect of living near one of my friends that I choked on my spit after I took a deep breath from spazzing out and running out of air. We laughed soo hard, after I stopped coughing of course. (= I just can't play it cool.

Kelly Evanson said...

how fun that ashley came to visit. i want in on the photoshop. my sister in law and i did the same thing and it is amazing how much you learn still. i have been using photoshop for a long time and i still have so much to learn. anyway, that is too funny about bobby and his lunch boxes. i had no idea you knew him before the mission. how fun. hope things are going well and have fun planning that graduation trip!!!

Jaime said...

You are so pretty Kathryn!!!

Melody said...

Yeah, I think I'm still in on our vacation. I mean, it sounds ok and all.. I'm just sort of holding out for better options...

that's me trying to play it cool so I don't HYPERVENTILATE or choke on my spit.
A whole week with you girls!! Is this really happening?

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