Sunday, November 4, 2007

Creamed Corn Gratin With Fried Onion Rings and Bacon

Yes, please! Feast your eyes on this. I'm pretty sure we'll be having this on Thanksgiving.

I'm going to post my favorite Thanksgiving recipes early in case anyone wants to use them. It wouldn't be very helpful to anyone if I waited until after the big day to post them. I'll also be posting other recipes like this corn that look promising. This year one of my Thanksgiving goals is to incorporate something pomegranate into the menu. I'm open to suggestions, if any of you have some.


Sara said...

I was working on my menu last week, and I also decided to add something pomegranate. Here's what I'm going with:

I picked this because it looks beautiful, I can prep all the vegetables a day in advance, and it won't take up any oven space. I may leave out the celery root, love it cooked, but not sure about it raw. Let me know what you end up with.

Anne said...

I'm so glad you'll be posting your Thanksgiving recipes.

Jordan said...

Also check out Pioneer Woman's creamed corn--I made it once and It was a huge hit. Talk about comfort food!

I love to use pomegranites. I like floating them in the holiday bubbly, it is so fun to sip and get those little jewled fruit chews to munch on. We had it in a lime bubby drink the other night, so yum.

Also, pomegranites mixed in with any fruit salad just squeeze a lime and sprinkle a little sugar and mix, it is serioulsy delightful.

I'm totally awaiting your other TG recipes.

hudd and anna said...

katherine, i love looking at your blog and recipes and everything really. it doesn't make me homesick, but fulfills some kind of obsessive need to remember what western food is all about, so thank you. plus, if you ever have recipes with skillets...i can actually cook those, so that's positive.

Tara said...


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