Friday, November 2, 2007

A Girl's Afternoon In, a G.A.I.

Franny had a half-day at school yesterday, so I wanted to have some kids over to play. Tara needed to make dinner for the missionaries, so it worked out perfect for her to drop them off while she cooked. We had a really fun time and I hope we can do it again soon!

Every G.A.I. needs a tea party with fake cake and tiny teacups.

The girls had fun playing London Bridges. (Now I finally know what it means when Franny says, "I want bridges.")

My favorite part of the afternoon was the imaginary lion Allie invented. She first spotted it in Franny and Sophie's room, and we quickly sequestered ourselves in the playroom and locked the door. After a while, the lion made its way into the bathroom and hid behind the shower curtain to take a nap. Allison found him while she was using the potty. Franny was really excited about it, tip-toeing and whispering, "the lion's sleeping!" I hope Franny will keep the imaginary lion around. I like the idea of a pet lion. I think we'll call him Phil.

We also had a houseguest, which is always fun for me. Julia's boyfriend's brother, Brendan, was here to interview at the med school and it was great to get to know someone in Grant's family a little better. He was so cute with Sophie. We love having visitors, so please come see us!


Tara said...

We'll for sure do it again soon. I'm so glad you invited them over. You're such a blessing! Today the girls pretended a witch was hanging out in the bathroom. Phil only needs a wardrobe now!

Sheryl said...

Hi there,
This is Sheryl Holmes, Grant and Brendon's mom, we met at the funeral....Loved, loved your mom, and we love, love, Julia. Brendon so appreciated your hospitality, as do we. He received his acceptance to ATSU today, and just may be there next fall. Grant kept telling me that I needed to look at your blog, knowing how I love to collect recipes myself. So Julia forwarded it to me today. Great job, and look forward to trying some of them. Your girls are darling and can't wait to see them again. Sincerely, Sheryl Holmes

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