Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's like licking a nine-volt battery, but in a good way.

We partied in St. Louis last weekend with the Pace's and I've been so excited to report back on it to all of you. The highlight of the weekend had to be little Abbey Pace dropping the f-bomb every time she wanted a fork. Too funny! We had a jam-packed weekend filled with a trip to the zoo, the science center, Whole Foods Market, a few intense games of Sequence, Ashley's famous rolls, calzones, and poveriches, and late nights and afternoon naps.

The girls had a blast at the Science Center. This was our first time. They especially loved the bridge that connects the buildings over the freeway. I especially liked this picture of them watching the cars pass below:

Sunday night we played Sequence and Ashley and I basically annihilated Justin and Bobby. It was kind of sad to watch.

Right after this cute picture was taken we heard the sad news about President Hinckley's passing. What a legacy he leaves! I will miss him very much and feel very blessed and fortunate to have had him as our beloved prophet. I am happy that he is with his wife, though. He was so sweet about her. I remember right after she passed away, he gave a talk and talked about how when he met her he knew she was the "girl of his dreams." Then he said something like she was still the girl of his dreams all these years later. It was so sweet.

We also hit the zoo while we were there and that was fabulous, because the animals were actually moving around instead of just laying around in the blazing heat like usual when we're there in the summer. I wasn't sure what to expect in that cold weather. (But not too cold- thanks for the Christmas hats, Grandma!) Franny slept through half the visit due to only six hours of sleep the night before. It was crazy. But Sophie LOVED the whole visit- especially the hippos, the tiger, and the sea lions. My favorite was definitely the tiger. What makes a tiger so darn freaking sexy? It must be that seductive walk of theirs. It's like, "chicka bow chicka bow bow."

Some more fun pictures from our trip:

Notice the lions between our heads.

Sophie is a gorilla-lover, just like her Mom.

We were thrilled to see an okapi there. We have a Schleich okapi and we think they are so cool. They are the closest living relative to the giraffe and they were only discovered in 1901!

After we took care of some business we had down there, and made a trip to the mall (H&M has the bombest clothes for little kids), we got in the car and headed home.

I snapped these two shots when I saw how cute Franny looked sleeping in this position. I thought I might as well snap one of Sophie even though it was so dark I couldn't see what she looked like. Here's what I got. What a poser. She's our little party animal. I used to love road trips as a kid. Julia and I used to have the best times in the back of the car and my parents played great music. We only ever went to Utah so it was always just about 12 hours. And I could read my books in the car! Laying down! In the backseat! I can make myself sick writing a greeting card in a moving vehicle, let alone trying to read a book!

Explanation of my post's title: We went to Whole Foods and I was asking for some cheese recommendations from one of their employees. He was telling me about these English cheddars and used this simile to describe it. It struck me as funny.


TerriLyn said...

Cute! What a fun trip. Tabitha loved watching that video of Sophie and the hopping kangaroos.

Jenny said...

How fun.
i'm glad that you were able to enjoy your trip.

Lisa-Marie said...

"chicka bow chicka bow bow."

I LOVE it! You are too much fun. Thx for the laugh!!!

Julia said...

you did have a lot to do.

love the fork highlight.

Jill said...

So cute, I am glad you had fun. My goodness Sophie is getting SO big!

I just read your comment on Christine's blog, I had no idea you didn't get your license till you were 20, how ever did you live with out one? I guess that is a new post isn't it!

I miss you guys!

Ashley said...

I love that we all took naps every afternoon. Well, J watched Aladdin and Ratatouille with Franny, but he still had quiet time :) So glad you could come. Come next weekend!

Anne said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love the picture of Franny and how her legs are crossed while she is sleeping.

The last Unicorn said...

Now I can see why you said you had been working on your blog for hours! It looks like you guys had quite the weekend! And that tiger's walk... I've seen you strut out on the dance floor with the same moves :)

Anonymous said...

Your family is so cute Katherine. I love your blog. I always look forward to your updates.

Erin said...


Ashlie & Jonathan said...

I LOVE LOVE the car pictures! So sweet, and SO funny! The cheese and battery...that is a new one! =) Looks like a super duper fun weekend! You crack me up about the tigers and the chicka bow business. =) Thanks for the smiles and laughs. Your girls are too cute for words!

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