Saturday, April 28, 2007

Family Picnic

Today we had perfect weather. Bobby took a break from studying to sit outside with us and have lunch. We don't get this perfect weather for very long, so it is my intention to soak it up as much as I can until it gets hot and sticky and miserable. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun afternoons at the park- Franny seems like a different kid since last summer. Last year when we went to the park, I could usually find her sitting in the tire chips on the ground and running them through her fingers, stopping every now and then to laugh at something the other kids were doing; or we'd go to the park and she would insist on swinging the whole time we were there. Then after an hour when it was time to go home, she would have a huge tantrum right there at the swing set. Now she LOVES to play with the other kids and follow them around. She's also much more flexible on outings and transitions are not so difficult for her. It's a real testament to ABA and how much it has helped our little Franny. As for Sophie, hopefully she will continue to be the easiest baby ever and this spring and summer will be a blast! Speaking of Sophie, she is really into plastic bottles: coke bottles, ketchup bottles, etc. She flips out over them. It is SO CUTE. She opens her mouth really wide and starts flapping her little arms with excitement when we're handing her one.

Also, these are my new favorite peanut butter cookies.


Jordan said...

Loved miss Franny's dance steps!! We are a HUGE fan of picnics at our house...we also are trying to take advantage of good weather before the sweltering summer hits!

Sara said...

The girls are adorable!

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