Saturday, April 21, 2007

These two love each other so much. It is so fun to watch as their Mom. They are starting to play together a little bit. Franny asks for her when she's sleeping and is impatient when we won't wake her up. Noone can make Sophie laugh like Franny can. Another cute thing I've noticed lately is if Franny finds a pacifier on the ground she brings it to Sophie and tries to place it in her hand and says, "Pappies" - which is her way of saying "passey." Franny is always trying to place herself right next to the baby and LOVES to hug and kiss her sister. It's so adorable!


Jordan said...

So...did I know you were a cook? I cannot recall. But, I love that we share that love of all things edible.

Your girls and quite stunning. I've always wanted a dark-haired beauty. Mine are beauties--but oh-so-fair.

Katherine said...

I think so. I know we used to talk about it because you were the one who told me about Central Market in Texas. I visited my friend Anne in Austin and I got to see it. She knows me well and knew I would love it. That was the most amazing grocery store I've ever seen. It felt a little like walking through a museum. There were something like 10 different varieties of potatoes! That is the only place I've ever seen that carries lime kaffir leaves.

I remember talking about recipes when we were both first married and you were first in New Orleans.

Your kids ARE beauties. I loved Hazel's announcement! Your announcements are always so creative.

Jill said...

AWW I love this picture too cute!!!

janlee said...

great picture!!!

Erin Walker said...

What cute kids, Katherine. Franny is so pretty - it looks like she has eye makeup on!

Denae said...

hi Katherine,
This is Denae, I found you from Janelle's blog. So your little girls are seriously cute. I love their dark hair. This picture of them is to die for. And I"m going to have to use some of your recipes. I also like to cook but I don't go too gourmet because my kids reject me too much. But some of these things you've posted look so delicious!!!

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