Thursday, April 26, 2007

Franny dancing

When Franny has the day off school, I always try and take her to her "Happy Feet" dance class. I love to watch her dance! (Thanks Jill for helping me learn how to post a video!)


Jill said...

Oh my goodness how cute is this video! Franny has some serious talent!

bill said...

Hey, Guys!

Franny is adorable! I can't believe how she's grown up! We're so excited about you guys coming back to Utah--it will be great to have The Fields back in our life!

janlee said...

wow! LOVE the tutu! audrey would be jealous! she definatly has inherited some dance moves from her mother!!:)

Melody Aanderud said...

You dance?! Oh, of course you do. We have to through a soire party at the lake before we all move so we can dance the night away.
Franny is SO cute in this.
Thanks for sharing!

Erin Walker said...

Okay, that is for sure the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Franny's got some moves!!

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