Saturday, April 14, 2007

My super model sister-in-law

My brother Richard is married! Sophie and I got back from San Diego just over a week ago. It was such a fun and beautiful wedding and it was great to see family and old friends. We love Richard's wife. Her name is Kristy and she is obviously gorgeous. Richard and Kristy live and work in San Diego and Richard is also going to school. They are so cute together. I am so thrilled that another one of my siblings is married and I'm excited to have a new sister-in-law.

It was especially fun to hang out with my three sisters. We all got to share a hotel room for a couple of nights in San Diego. One of my favorite memories will be Annie wanting to wake up at 6 AM the day of the wedding so she could have a good 3 hours to get ready. She's getting into hair and makeup and I have to say, she's looking absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't let her get up at 6, though. She agreed to set her alarm for 6:45 instead. Also, poor Julia got left at Walmart without her purse or cell phone. We forgot her! She didn't think it was very funny... but it was. Kirksville, MO doesn't have a lot of options for shopping, so thank you Mom for dressing Sophie and I for the wedding. We love our new pink and brown clothes! You have great taste.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Franny stayed in Kirksville and Louise (Bobby's mom) came to take care of everyone while I was gone. Not only did she take great care of Bobby and Franny, but she cleaned my house, stocked our cupboards, dressers, and refrigerator, and left me a package of red vines. She is so wonderful. Bobby and I are so lucky to have the moms we have!

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