Saturday, May 5, 2007

Great Friends

These four amazing women are some of the main reasons I love Kirksville so much. Over the past two years, we've become great friends as we "suffer" through the medical school journey together. (I use the quotation marks because while I think many of us find this journey a difficult one, I can't really call it suffering with thoughtful and supportive friends like these!) In a couple of months, they will all be moving to different areas for rotations. I will be so sad to see them go! From left to right: Ashley is a great friend. I think we might have the same sense of humor. Bobby and I love to hang out with her and husband Justin and play games or have dinner. She and Jill listened to me A LOT while I was trying to cope with Franny's diagnosis. I always feel weird if a day goes by and we haven't talked on the phone. She is very generous and always looking for ways to help others. Inside joke for Ashley: Monster Jugs. Melody is one of the most creative people I have ever met. She has so many interests and SO MANY talents. I once went to her house for a "Melody" lesson, so I could learn how to be a little more Melody-like. Her energy and enthusiasm as well as her impressive talents are really inspiring. Jill and I hit it off the first time we met, and so did our daughters. Her daughter is the famous Alyssa- Franny's very best friend. We feel so lucky to have found these two. Jill is so thoughtful and loyal- she has been a really great friend to me. One time we were on the phone and she could tell I was having a hard day so she showed up on my doorstep with a package of red vines- it was the perfect thing! Erin is always so positive and cheerful. She is kind to everyone and a fabulous cook. I love to trade recipes with her. I really don't think there is anything this girl can't handle- she is so impressive with how much she can juggle between SAA, her church responsibilities, her home responsibilities, and all of her many interests and talents. All of these women are great mothers and friends, and I don't know what I would have done here without them! I love you girls!

To these four gorgeous and talented individuals (each of them is a dedicated reader of this blog), I offer a piece of advice for your last few months in Kirksville: do not eat at that new restaurant "The Manhattan." The service was awful! I can't even tell you how the food was because we were there for a whole hour today and noone ever brought it out, so we just got up and left.


Erin Walker said...

Katherine, you are so nice! I liked your write-up; we all are such good friends and it will be so hard to part. I also really enjoyed your final piece of advice.... I was expecting something deeply profound after the first paragraph, so I laughed out loud when it was about The Manhattan! I had to read it aloud to Jed because he asked why I was laughing. :)

Jill said...

You are such a sweetheart, I am so sad you aren't going to Utah! Totally BUMMED!

Bobby said...

I heard from a little birdy that Erin does meth and only gets 2 hours a sleep every 4 days and that's why she can get so much done.

Bobby said...

P.S.-- To keep that birdy free from suspicion I will refer to them as K. Sessions. No, that's too obvious. I will refer to said informatnt as Jill Messions. Good luck figuring that out SUCKERS!!!

Ashley said...

Oh, this almost made me cry. The part about us, not the restaurant. Although, that is quite disturbing, what the heck? The Manhattan? Are you sure you were at a restaurant... Maybe you were at a resthome or something and they were just playing along because they were embarassed for you. That's how I like to think it went down. And can I hereby declare we need a new picture of all of us? How do you all look fabulous after walking in the rain that night? So not fair.

Melody Aanderud said...

I completely agree with Ashley: new pic necessary.
Bobby, I was at Erin's last night and Paul and I snooped around for meth... but nothing.. whatever she is on, I want in on the action. Also Katherine, what is up with you whipping out amazing mouse tart and bread and two other gourmet dishes in one day?!! I made mac and cheese today. MMmmmm.mmm good.
I'm glad you think I'm so creative. I've creatively got you fooled. Maybe I'll try some tuna in my mac and cheese tomorrow. What did you call that? "Trashy cooking??" Yeah, well at least it's creative.
Anyway, yeah, you girls rock and moving is going to SUCK! I am going to be so sad to leave you guys. Luckily Katherine you are staying here and you will be our glue. We will all come back to your place at graduation and any trips "home" to K-ville. Thanks for the compliments, you're awesome!

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