Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pizza and Rootbeer

Mmmm... I can't resist the combination of pizza and rootbeer, especially when that pizza has pepperoni on it and comes from Papa John's. The Kirksville PJ's has a special every third Saturday for customer appreciation and they sell their large pizzas for a measly $5.99! We mark it on our calendar every month so every third Saturday is pizza night. Well, pizza night was special yesterday because the Sessions, who also observe pizza night, treated us to Papa John's in the park! Thanks for the yummy pizza, Jill and Jordan!

Here's some fun pictures from last night:


Jill said...

Your welcome, I had so much fun! I love all the pics, minus me of course... but you know how I am :)

Wilsons said...

Jill, you always look great! Really! It was a fun night...we should do it again!

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