Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Scones with Cherry and Lime

I signed up to bring a salad to a church activity tonight, but I'm bringing scones instead. I don't have anything on hand to make a salad/side dish, and I can't show my face in the grocery store until Thursday at least because I have been going WAY too often lately. So, today at the gym I was totally NOT paying attention during step aerobics and kept doing "figure 8's" when I was supposed to be doing "turn steps," because I had this great idea for a new scone concoction using ingredients I already had on hand! Lemon Blackberry Scones with a hint of ginger. So I started mixing the scones in the food processor and added the fresh blackberries at the very end, so they wouldn't incorporate into the batter too much and end up pureed. Well, it didn't work and what I ended up with was purple play-dough, essentially. So then I decided to fall back on old faithful: Scones with Cherry and Lemon. But then I was out of lemons, so I had to improvise with a lime. The result was delicious! I'm still going to try the blackberry scones again, only I'll add them by hand by sort of kneading them in.


Jordan said...

Cherry and lime were meant for eachother. In fact, I had a cherry-lime slushy this afternoon. I love that the thought of your new culinary concoctions threw you "off rhythm" at the gym. I am also impressed that you go to a gym!!!

Denae said...

wow! those look and sound so good! I can't believe you just thought that all up.

Wilsons said...

You make the best scones! I wish I had your talent of cooking and coming up with new combinations!

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